Soccer Moms Gone Wild

Soccer Moms Gone Wild. Australia Soccer Result.

Soccer Moms Gone Wild

    soccer moms

  • The Big Show’s name for the Dennis & Callahan Show.
  • A middle-class suburban mother who spends a great deal of time taking her children to play soccer or engage in other activities
  • The phrase soccer mom broadly refers to a middle-class suburban woman who spends a significant amount of her time transporting her school-age children to their sporting events or other activities.

    gone wild

  • Gone Wild is a comedy album by The Bob and Tom Show, which was first released in November 2002. It is a two-disc set which represents original material recorded during their syndicated, daily radio show and other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air.

soccer moms gone wild

soccer moms gone wild – Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom
Soccer Mom
When Becca’s (Emily Osment) losing soccer team needs a new coach, Wendy (Missi Pyle) decides to masquerade as the famous Italian soccer star ‘Lorenzo Vincenzo’ and take the job. Can she now lead Becca’s team to the regional finals before her increasingly crazy double life comes totally unglued? Kids and parents alike will love this heartwarming family comedy about mothers, daughters and the unexpected goals that bring them together.

Stills from Soccer Mom (click for larger image)

Teenage girls often struggle with self-confidence and the members of the losing Galaxy girl’s soccer team are finding their own sense of inadequacy difficult to overcome. When their lackluster coach gets transferred to Italy, the team’s hopes soar at the promise of soccer legend Lorenzo Vincenzo (What I Like About You’s Dan Cortese) filling in as temporary coach. The team’s excitement threatens to turn to bitter disappointment when the soccer great refuses to coach the team upon landing in California. Soccer mom Wendy (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Missi Pyle), concerned that her daughter Becca (Hannah Montana’s Emily Osment)is at a crossroads in dealing with the death of her father, decides to take things into her own hands in order to avoid disappointing her daughter and the rest of the team. With the help of a couple of friends, Wendy disguises herself as Lorenzo Vincenzo and, before she knows it, she’s coaching her daughter’s soccer team incognito. Wendy’s double life becomes increasingly complicated and comedy reigns as she tries to keep her dual identity a secret while inspiring the team to greatness. In the end, everyone involved learns an important lesson about the power of self-confidence and the special bond between mothers and daughters. (Ages 5 and older) –Tami Horiuchi

LOAD512 – Day 16 – Change

LOAD512 - Day 16 - Change
LOAD512 – Day 16 Prompt: Wacky Wednesday – Use Someone Else’s Journaling.

This one was relatively easy. My daughter had just written a small paper for her high school English class about my dad, who passed away in January, 2011. She submitted the paper along with this photo, one of her favorites of the two of them together.

Journaling Reads:

Jordyn Hillary
6th hour
Mrs. Okasinski
A Change in My Life
Bennie Ray Shellnut, was the most important man in my life. Papa, my mom’s dad, was a huge part of my life ever since I was brought into this world. He taught me how to tie my shoes, ride a bike, play baseball, and love golf. He taught me the most important lesson in life: to put others before myself and to always give love to people around me, even if it is not returned. Not only was he my grandpa, he was also my father for the first five years of my life.
Every morning I would wake up to the cheerful songs that he would love to sing. His energy and presence just brought joy into every room he entered. There was never a time I did not want to be with my papa. I was always excited to see what kind of adventure each day would bring us. Unlike most dads or grandfathers, believe it or not, he would do my hair in the morning. He would brush my hair then put it into whatever hair style, from ponytails, to pig tails and even just letting my hair go wild.
Papa took me to preschool and picked me up almost every day. When I entered elementary school, he would help me with projects and math home work. He would even take me to my soccer and softball practices. Middle school came along, so I decided to join the school’s choir. My papa loved coming to my concerts. He loved to watch me sing because music was very important to him. When he was in junior high school, he was also in choir and loved singing the songs he learned there. School has always been a little bit of a challenge for me, but Papa would always say that I should not think of myself as stupid, but that I am capable of learning and succeeding. He would say that even if I fail, I should try and try again no matter how many tries it may take me.
Golf was Papa’s hobby. He played it any time he could because he was retired. When I got into high school, I decided to join the girl’s golf team, so I called Papa to tell him. He was happy to hear that I decided to take up golf. A few weekends later he took me golfing with him for the first time. I was thrilled, but little did I know it would also be my last time golfing with him.
A couple of weeks later, Papa came to my first golf match against Lake Orion. He walked the nine holes along the cart path. I was so happy to have him there. Sadly, it was the last time he would be walking on a golf course. Later that evening, he went into the hospital and found out he had a tumor inside of his brain. After that, my whole world changed. Papa passed away nearly five months later. Even today, it is still hard to believe that he is not with us. I miss Papa so much, but while he was with me, I believe he made me a better person.
Papa’s life and death made a major impact on my life. I want to live like he would want me to live. He believed in helping others even if they are strangers, believing in myself even if I feel like I can’t do something. But, most importantly, to love my friends and family and to do what makes me happy. I will cherish the memories of him for the rest of my life. Some memories make me laugh, others make me cry, but the most important memories are the ones that helped shape me into the person I am today. I want my papa to look down and smile and be proud of who I am. He will miss my graduation, my wedding, and holding my first born child, but I know he will be with me at those moments in my heart and soul. He is the greatest man I have ever known and still is to this very day.

I went to the wild animal park today, finally, since I’m home in San Diego. I read somewhere that it’s one of the top 5 zoos for taking pictures. That explains the ten thousand people there with Canon L series lenses…. Does it bother any one else that these soccer moms have such nice cameras?

I got to hang out with some good friends today, and also try the 10-22mm lens I’ve been wanting since I got a DSLR. Not exactly a zoo lens…

So I was shooting the lions, getting in pretty close. They were about 20 feet away behind a glass wall, maybe 30, when all of a sudden, BATTERIES DIE!!!
35 bucks for a ticket to the zoo, and my batteries die. So I got what I got.

I like taking pictures of animals.

Pentax K10D
70-300mm Tamron

soccer moms gone wild

The Soccer Mom Myth
The room was a marketer s dream, filled with educated, savvy women with money and the urge to spend it. Holly asked a pointed question: “How many of you in the room consider yourself a Soccer Mom?” The silence reached a crescendo and nary a hand rose. Every time Holly asks that question, usually only one or two women raise their hands. The numbers never change. Normally, only one to two percent of the crowd identifies themselves as a Soccer Mom. If you listen to marketers and politicians, there are millions upon millions of Soccer Moms out there, yet we’ve found only about seven. What’s going on here? Why aren’t more women identifying themselves as Soccer Moms? Come on, there’s nothing wrong with being a Soccer Mom, right? Right? If women don’t consider themselves Soccer Moms, what does that say about the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of billions of dollars of advertising aimed at this group? It’s time for a wake-up call about who today’s female consumer really is, how she really thinks, and why she really buys both online and offline. Prepare to kick the Soccer Mom myth to the sidelines, and learn how to market to women in a way that translates into more customers, AND bigger profit.